"The Shoe" (not to be confused with The Hand) is the scary story that Noxxow Blan tells in the episode Camping OutThe story goes like this:

Noxxow telling his scary story.

Noxxow: This story is called "the Shoe!"

Steph (another kid): Why such an anticlimactic title?

Noxxow: Well Steph, sometimes anticlimactic titles make the story scarier. In a story, say, called "The Ghoul," we already know what to expect.

Steph: Ooh!

Noxxow: So, here's what happens: Once upon a time, there was a guy who always stepped in gum. His shoe, who was somehow sentient, hated being stepped in gum. So, it grew giant, and ate him!

(Everyone cries)

Tom Camper: I think your story was a little too scary!

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